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Ace’s original story 8/2011

“Ace in the Hole” hits the jackpot!

On Saturday, August 13, 2011, a horse trailer made its way from Bernville, PA to Pfafftown, NC. Its passenger? “Ace in the Hole”, aka, “Ace”, a 2-3 year old bay colored American Warm Blood horse about 16.1 hands high. Ace was originally headed for a very different location had he not hitched a ride on the trailer south. Literally marked for slaughter, Ace hit the jackpot when he was spotted online by Hidden K Stables Rescue & Rehab’s Michelle Hargreaves and Lisa Buzzard.

With the honor of being the groups first rescue horse, Ace is being nursed back to health so that he can be trained and re-homed. He is currently 300-400 pounds underweight, dehydrated, has worms, bad feet, bad teeth, and an upper respiratory infection, but he also has a great temperament, is very sweet and willing, and enjoys being with people. His gaits are solid and his bones are strong – and all of his known health issues can be overcome with enough love, time and money.

Ace is resting comfortably at an off-site facility while he serves out his mandatory quarantine period, and his initial rehabiliation is expected to take several weeks. Once he is healthy and has put on enough weight and muscle, he will begin his training so he can go to a loving home where he will be ridden and well-cared for.

If you would like to donate towards HKSR&R to help horses like Ace, please click hereĀ or contact us at 336-528-4HAY (4429).

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