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We need your help to complete our education center and add the quarantine stall for future horses. Quarantine stalls are needed when a new rescue horse comes to Hidden K Stables, to keep them away from other horses for several weeks. Once they are vet checked and confirmed not to have a contagious illness, they are allowed to join the “general population” of horses.

Some of the materials needed are listed below and every bit helps. See a member of HKSR&R for more information or click the Donate button below. Donations are also accepted at the barn and a receipt will be provided with every donation.

–Bolts – suggested gift $5
–Cement – suggested gift $5
–Brackets – suggested gift $10
–Screws – suggested gift $10
–Tin for roof – suggested gift $20
–Lumber – suggested gift $20

There will be a Christmas tree at the barn decorated with “ornaments” of gift amounts for needed materials — don’t miss it!

Check back soon for a drawing of the planned education center and quaratine barn!

To donate, click below.

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