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Training Report – April 2012

Ace continues to show improvement in his responsiveness and balance. One of our board members, Dana, has visibly noticed his change in balance while lunging and free lunging him; he even offered a couple of flying lead changes on his own! Ace has begun to work in draw reins every...

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Training Report – March 2012

Ace has been working consistently in walk, trot and catner. His up and down transitions have become much smoother as he better understands the cues he is being given. Ace has also begun to stop bulging to the inside when he is asked to move forward. He has three very...

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Training Report – February 2012

Ace has had a great month so far! Lizzie, one of our new co-trainers, has ridden him a lot and they seem to work well together. We believe that he will be a fantastic hunter horse. He has great movement for hunters. On Feb 1st, Lizzie took Ace over his...

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Training Report – May 2012

Ace has begun to participate in a few lessons during the week. Most of them have been adult lessons with Christie Olsen. He did one lesson with a younger student which was not quite as smooth but did end well. He was a little on the fast side for her...

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