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Even Odds Needs Your Help!

On Tuesday October 27th, rescue horse Even Odds began exhibiting signs of a fairly serious colic and was taken to a local large animal hospital. Colic is a term that means abdominal discomfort in horses that can be caused, or related to, a variety of gastrointestinal problems. Colic can range from simple gas colic to the most serious form, resulting in a twisted or displaced intestine.

We are happy to report that Even’s condition was not life threatening and can be managed with medication and preventative care.  We are, however, in desperate need of financial donations from our loyal supporters to help cover the nearly $2,000 in veterinary bills accrued during his treatment, and another $1,000 that will be put toward the medication and veterinary follow-up to ensure he has completely healed..

To donate via PayPal, please click here.

If just 100 people can make donations of $30 each we can cover all of Even’s medical expenses and continue our organization’s good work of rescuing, retraining and rehoming at -risk equines.  Please consider a donation – every dollar counts.

As always your donations are fully tax deductible and a donation receipt will be mailed to you promptly for any donation.

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