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Welcome “Stack the Deck”

Welcome to our newest addition, Stack the Deck (AKA Decker)!  Decker came to us from H.E.R.O., another rescue organization in the Triad area.  His mother died during his birth, and H.E.R.O. has fostered him for the last 4 years.  Seeking resources for his training, he was transferred to our rescue....

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Welcome “Casino Royale” to HKSR&R

We are so excited to welcome Casino Royale (AKA Cassie) from Louisana Horse Rescue Association. Many thanks to everyone who made her arrival possible include Carrie (our super awesome transporter), those who donated to the transportation fund and LHRA who saved her in the first place! If anyone is looking...

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Derby Day

On Saturday, May 4th, HKSR&R will host a Derby Day event with Cellar 4201 winery in East Bend. This family friendly event runs from 3pm to 7pm with full Kentucky Derby coverage on several large screen TVs. Derby attire is welcome and there will be a hat-judging contest for the...

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We need your help to complete our education center and add the quarantine stall for future horses. Quarantine stalls are needed when a new rescue horse comes to Hidden K Stables, to keep them away from other horses for several weeks. Once they are vet checked and confirmed not to...

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Your Pilates Place

Your Pilates Place will host a stength and stretching clinic at their facility, focusing on muscles used in riding horses! If you want to increase your core strength and flexibilty to improve your riding, this clinic is for you!

When: Saturday, February 2, 2013, Session times – 1pm (SESSION IS FULL),...

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Parelli Workshop

1/7/2012 UPDATE! All sessions are now full including the private sessions! You may still either audit the class or sign up for the waiting list. To audit the class, click the PayPal button and choose your selection. If you would like to be added to the waiting list for either...

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Training Report – November 2012

Bets’ balance undersaddle and while lunging is showing improvement and she has been able to come on the bit for short amounts of time at the walk. We no longer need external aids to reinforce leg and she has a good understanding of voice commands while being lunged and free lunged....

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Training Report – October 2012

As of October 1, 2012, Ace is now being leased by Erin O’Rourke. Erin has continued to work on flying lead changes and has been very successful thus far. She has also built Ace’s confidence over fences and he is completing bending lines, triples and more. Ace has jumped up...

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Training Report – September 2012

Ace in continuing to grow as he is consistently ridden in a few lessons and by several trainers. His confidence of fences is growing and he seems to enjoy it more and more! Ace has been working on flying lead changes and is quickly catching on. He continues to wait...

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Study Stall: Myth or Legend?

Bets in her new temporary home

At first site, the unusual markings on this mare’s face and body certainly give pause. Odd looking, indeed, but gaze a little deeper into her heritage and you’ll discover Native American legends of magic and majesty that surround...

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