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Training Report – May 2012

Ace has begun to participate in a few lessons during the week. Most of them have been adult lessons with Christie Olsen. He did one lesson with a younger student which was not quite as smooth but did end well. He was a little on the fast side for her however there was a lot of commotion in the arena so once he was moved to the indoor he calmed down. The hunter show in April was very successful! He placed first and second in the two classes entered and the judge LOVED him. She asked for him to compete at another show she was judging in Summerfield due to her admiration for him (May 19th). Amanda Tilchin will be riding him again.
He has been fairly stable this month in rather inconsistent training (due to weather mostly as well as people moving out of college/exams). More focus has been put on his downward transitions and accepting the bit without use of draw reins. He seems to be very heavy on the riders hands now which could be from the use of draw reins or him trying to find a way to balance himself. Overall, though, the positive comments have been overwhelming. Ace has had three potential adopters look at him however we have yet to find the perfect match.

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