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Updates on Bets

Happy Re-Homed Horses!

HKSR&R Re-Homed Horses Update:

We are so pleased to report that both of our re-homed horses are happy and thriving in their new homes! We asked Ace and Bets’ owners to give us an update on themselves and their horses. Erin’s journey with Ace began long before his official adoption,...

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Study Stall: Myth or Legend?

Bets in her new temporary home

At first site, the unusual markings on this mare’s face and body certainly give pause. Odd looking, indeed, but gaze a little deeper into her heritage and you’ll discover Native American legends of magic and majesty that surround...

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Welcome “All Bets are Off”!

We are excited to welcome “All Bets are Off” to the HKSR&R family. Bets was surrended by her owners, along with two other horses, to TTC in Mocksville, NC, who thought she would be a good match for our program. We agreed and brought the lovely 8 year old mare home...

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