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Decker’s New Family!

We are so pleased to announce that a lovely new home has been found for Decker. He has been adopted by a loving board member, Lisa Yarbrough. Recent veterinary evaluation had indicated that he would not be sound for a long term riding career, but Decker is making the perfect...

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Decker Update: Dressage Clinic

In January, Decker participated in a dressage clinic hosted by Hidden K Stables and taught by Ashley Marascalco.  Decker has shown great improvement under saddle in the last few months, and he and his rider, Lauren Sussman, were able to showcase his progress at the clinic.  He impressed us all with his...

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Welcome “Stack the Deck”

Welcome to our newest addition, Stack the Deck (AKA Decker)!  Decker came to us from H.E.R.O., another rescue organization in the Triad area.  His mother died during his birth, and H.E.R.O. has fostered him for the last 4 years.  Seeking resources for his training, he was transferred to our rescue....

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