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Welcome “Casino Royale” to HKSR&R

We are so excited to welcome Casino Royale (AKA Cassie) from Louisana Horse Rescue Association. Many thanks to everyone who made her arrival possible include Carrie (our super awesome transporter), those who donated to the transportation fund and LHRA who saved her in the first place! If anyone is looking for a new pony, the LHRA has more than 30 horses over their limit. For more information about the situation Cassie came from, click here. In the meantime, welcome Cassie to the HKSR&R family!


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“Bets” has been ADOPTED!

“All Bets are Off” – Bets for short – has left for her new FOREVER home! Congratulations to Bets and Julie!


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Ace available for adoption

Hidden K Stables Rescue & Rehab is proud to present our first rescue horse, Ace in the Hole, is now available for adoption.

  • Rising 16.1hh four-year-old American warmblood
  • Hunter or Eventing prospect
  • Strong ground manners, easy to lunge and free lunge
  • Currently under saddle walk/trot/canter
  • Started over cross-rails and small cross country jumps
  • Started in advanced and adult lessons
  • Show experience
  • Huge personality and heart – very willing, never says no to working
  • Good for vet and farrier, easy to trailer
  • Easy keeper
  • Adoption fee: Price will change with continued training. Please call for current list price.

If you are interested in more information about Ace, please contact Dana Winn at [email protected] (weekdays) or 336-480-1313 (weekends). You may also email [email protected] or call 336-528-4HAY.

Please also read the HKSRR Rescue and Rehab Rehoming Policy for more information regarding our Rehoming policies and procedures.

Our adoption application is available here however we strongly suggest scheduling a viewing before submitting an application.

For a flyer, click here: Ace Info Flyer
For a more extensive information as well as a copy of the article featuring Ace from the Winston-Salem Journal, click here: Ace Info Package
Check out Fox 8’s recent report on Ace and the rescue that aired Monday, July 30th. Ace loves a camera! 


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Ace’s original story 8/2011

“Ace in the Hole” hits the jackpot!

On Saturday, August 13, 2011, a horse trailer made its way from Bernville, PA to Pfafftown, NC. Its passenger? “Ace in the Hole”, aka, “Ace”, a 2-3 year old bay colored American Warm Blood horse about 16.1 hands high. Ace was originally headed for a very different location had he not hitched a ride on the trailer south. Literally marked for slaughter, Ace hit the jackpot when he was spotted online by Hidden K Stables Rescue & Rehab’s Michelle Hargreaves and Lisa Buzzard.

With the honor of being the groups first rescue horse, Ace is being nursed back to health so that he can be trained and re-homed. He is currently 300-400 pounds underweight, dehydrated, has worms, bad feet, bad teeth, and an upper respiratory infection, but he also has a great temperament, is very sweet and willing, and enjoys being with people. His gaits are solid and his bones are strong – and all of his known health issues can be overcome with enough love, time and money.

Ace is resting comfortably at an off-site facility while he serves out his mandatory quarantine period, and his initial rehabiliation is expected to take several weeks. Once he is healthy and has put on enough weight and muscle, he will begin his training so he can go to a loving home where he will be ridden and well-cared for.

If you would like to donate towards HKSR&R to help horses like Ace, please click here or contact us at 336-528-4HAY (4429).