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HKS Rescue and Rehab Center Inc is a 501(c) 3 non profit dedicated and committed to providing rescue service to horses that are found to be in need of healthcare, nutrition, and rehabilitation. HKS Rescue and Rehab Center, Inc is also committed to educating the public, especially the youth, about the responsibilities of horse management and care. HKSR&R strongly believes that education will prevent negligence and decrease the need for rescue. We want to change the lives and welfare of horses through education and rehabilitation.

Action Points:

  • Rehabilitate and retrain horses so that they can find their place and job in the equestrian world;
  • Supply after care and training services to those who adopt horses from the Rescue Center in order to decrease the likelihood that they will return to a rescue state or center;
  • Build an Education Center non affiliated with any one organization in order to increase the availablility of education;
  • Provide education to the general public at an accessible Education Center;
  • Make available education and opportunities to learn about horse management to the middle and high school students, especially students that may not be privileged enough to have vastĀ opportunities.

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