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Study Stall: So, how much does it cost to Rehab-Retrain-Rehome a horse?

How much does it cost to rehab-retrain-rehome a horse? While every horse is different, depending on the level of neglect or mistreatment they endured, what level of veterinary care they need and how long they stay at the rescue, one thing is for sure, it will never be cheap. That is why we rely desperately on the donations and volunteers who give to HKSR&R! Every little bit goes a long way to ensuring the care of our rescued horses.

To give you an idea of the costs, below are the costs we have incurred with our current rescue horse, Ace.

Horse Purchase: $596.00
Boarding (11 months): $4361.50
Trailering: $175.91
Health Expenses (including gelding, vaccinations, hoof care, dentistry and more): $833.75
Expenses for the shows he has competed in: $276.00
Total cost for Ace so far: $6243.16

If you include the cost of his training (which is done by volunteers so is no hard dollar cost to the rescue), it puts his total cost so far to $7,066.91.

None of this would be possible without the amazing donors and volunteers we have at HKSR&R. Ace would love to extend his deepest gratitude!!




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