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Welcome “All Bets are Off”!

We are excited to welcome “All Bets are Off” to the HKSR&R family. Bets was surrended by her owners, along with two other horses, to TTC in Mocksville, NC, who thought she would be a good match for our program. We agreed and brought the lovely 8 year old mare home...

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Training Report – August 2012

Ace continues to grow and learn as we wait for him to be adopted.  He has continued to work on his jumping and is beginning to figure everything out and build his confidence.  We are actively working to gain full control of his shoulders in order to help direct him...

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Training Report – July 2012

Ace has continued to improve over the last month. He took part in advanced camp where he learned how to jump spooky cross country jumps and go swimming! He thoroughly enjoyed his time at the Ark. We have worked consistently on bending and balancing through transitions and in the corners...

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Bodywork Clinic – August 12th

Do you know the warning of a stiff horse? Would you like to learn ways to help your horse relieve stiffness and soreness through stretching and light chiropractic work?

Join Hidden K Stables Rescue & Rehab for our bodywork clinic and learn about t-touch, stretches, and beginning chiropractic. Learn the ways you...

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HKSR&R Member Education Day

When: August 18th, 2012 8am – 10am

Cost: Free for members$15 for non-members which includes a new basic membership to HKSR&R

Learn how to properly muck out stalls as well as how to clean feed and water buckets and the importance of why each of these steps are done. A brief discussion of...

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Ace available for adoption

Hidden K Stables Rescue & Rehab is proud to present our first rescue horse, Ace in the Hole, is now available for adoption.

  • Rising 16.1hh four-year-old American warmblood
  • Hunter or Eventing prospect
  • Strong ground manners, easy to lunge and free lunge
  • Currently under saddle walk/trot/canter
  • Started over cross-rails and small cross country jumps
  • Started in advanced...
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Training Report – June 2012

Ace has really stepped up to the plate this month, not only in his training but also with the amount of different people that have been able to ride him! He has done everything from 2’6 grid work to letting kids walk and trot on him and even let them...

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Training Report – April 2012

Ace continues to show improvement in his responsiveness and balance. One of our board members, Dana, has visibly noticed his change in balance while lunging and free lunging him; he even offered a couple of flying lead changes on his own! Ace has begun to work in draw reins every...

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