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Training Report – January 2012

Ace had a little time off during the holidays. He was worked a little by our head trainer and rode and lunged a few times by some of our volunteers. When he came back to work the first of January, he was a little unbalanced but no more than he was before. He has improved significantly at the walk and trot under saddle and at the walk/trot/canter on the lunge line. Our trainer has also noticed he does not want to move forward when he is on the left bend. That might be something that the vet will need to check out in the future since it is only in that direction. Other than that, Ace has shown great improvement in the past two months. He has learned to leg, learning how to balance himself with a rider on his back and has even learned to jump! We hope he will be a great dressage/jumper/eventing horse!

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