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Training Report – March 2012

Ace has been working consistently in walk, trot and catner. His up and down transitions have become much smoother as he better understands the cues he is being given. Ace has also begun to stop bulging to the inside when he is asked to move forward. He has three very consistent, even tempo gaits and is willing to just keep going. Ace’s mouth is beginning to soften as he accepts the bit more and has even begun to come round a few times! He is giving into and listening to his riders leg aides, making it easier to steer him anywhere around the ring. He is very willing to learn and really enjoys what he is being asked to du. He has recently begun to enjoy long cool outs inthe fields around Hidden K Stables.

Ace’s undersaddle work has immensely improved as well as his stable manners. He willingly sttod on crossties while Horsemaster students learned how to properly polo wrap front and hind legs (all at the same time!). As the weather turns more to summer heat, he thorougly enjoys being hosed and sponged down after long rides. With new trainers added to his schedule, we are eager to see more improvement in all aspects of his training.

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