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Even Odds Needs Your Help!

On Tuesday October 27th, rescue horse Even Odds began exhibiting signs of a fairly serious colic and was taken to a local large animal hospital. Colic is a term that means abdominal discomfort in horses that can be caused, or related to, a variety of gastrointestinal problems. Colic can range from...

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Even Odds Video

Our sweet boy, Even, has been hard at work and is now looking for his forever home. We are so very proud of him and are forever grateful to those who worked to pull him from the kill pen at New Holland and transported him to HKSR&R where he has...

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Even’s Dressage Debut

Trainer Cecilia Kucera rode Even Odds in a Ride-A-Test Clinic on Sunday, March 22nd. Even showed how hard he has trained the past few months and the judge had many compliments about this sweet boy. Even, we are so proud of you and of all of the HKSR&R trainers that...

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Rescue Guests

We would like to extend a warm welcome to the two rescue mini ponies currently residing at Hidden K Stables. HKSR&R is sponsoring board for these two for a month while the rescuer works on getting them healthy before rehoming. We have very much enjoyed having these two as guests...

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Cassie & Her Forever Family

Cassie’s sweet family sent us an update on her progress in December. We couldn’t be happier with their report:

Cassie is doing very well! We try to ride every day, as weather permits. Continuing with lessons of course every week with Milly. Lessons are going SO WELL. It’s been an absolute joy for my...

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Even Odds Training Update

From the trainer:
“Even has been fantastic since he has arrived at Hidden K Stables! He has fantastic ground manners and quickly adjusted to his new pasture mates. He has lunged and free lunged wonderfully. Even is currently working under saddle at the walk, trot, and canter, focusing on straightness...

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Meet Even Odds!

We are excited to announce that our 5th rescue horse, Even Odds has joined us! Through the efforts of Beth Walker and Kris Young, Even was pulled from a kill pen in Pennsylvania. And with the help of Rebecca Bolton, his transport to NC was covered and he arrived at...

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Cassie Finds Forever Home

We are so pleased to announce that our sweet Cassie has been adopted! On September 21, she made the journey to her new home in Knoxville, TN with the Spencer Family. Kamuran Spencer, her primary rider, will make a wonderful partner to Cassie as they progress in the...

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